Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Review


Neutrogena Hand Cream Norwegian Formula Review

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share my thoughts on this product that I
received from BzzAgent. Of course I am also posting a nail manicure
(Sorta..) on here of my own hands, which I would never do.. but this
here is such a great product I figure it's just something I should do.
 I received a package at least a week ago and this is what came with it..

It had a couple more samples with it but of course I was too excited
so I ended up handing them out to people I knew to get the word out!
Handy:  This product definitely travels very well, I have managed to
stick it in my purse or jacket pocket and travel wherever I need to go,
pull it out and use it whenever need be! The lid comes off easily and
it's not a struggle to get anything to come out of it, which is really
Fragrance Free?:  The sample I received was fragrance free, but for
some reason it does have a subtle smell. It's not bad, don't get me
wrong! Infact, I LOVE the smell of it on my hands, so much that I
sometimes smell my hands after applying the lotion. I'm weird, I know.
Works Like A Charm:  The Neutrogena Hand Cream is meant to
heal dry skin, just a dab is enough to heal cracks and damages to your
hands and help them feel soft and manageable again. My hands do get
sore and at times my skin cracks.. I also have been known to have
super awful hang nails! Not in this case. This cream has helped my
hands.. within seconds of application my hands are super smooth and
any hang nails I may have are no longer sore, plus it doesn't even hurt!
 Non-Greasy:  Despite other hand cream that might leave a residue,
this product has done very nicely at making sure it doesn't leave that
nasty greasy feeling. I apply it and immediately am on the computer
or doing things I need to do around the house with no fear of getting
it all over things.
Mini-Manicure:  Below is a small manicure I did for myself using
 my E.L.F. nailpolish, and then applying the hand cream. This is my
 first time ever doing a review like this so I apologize first off for the
 not so professional looking photos!
First: I took care to apply some vaseline gently around my cuticles and the skin around my nails just in case I stray away from the nail (like I usually do), but in any case.
Second: Carefully applied my choice of nailpolish (as you can see I'm not that great of an artist, so going to a professional would probably be a good idea in the near future..)
    Third: Wipe off any excess nail polish from the skin that you might have snagged, then open up that awesome bottle of Neutrogena Hand Cream and apply it to your hands. I rub mine into my cuticles, and around the back part of my hands extra good, also on my knuckles where they sometimes crack on me. Remember, Only a little dab goes a long way! This stuff is so amazing that you don't need TOO much! You don't want your bottle running out too fast.
    Voila!: Finished product! My hands feel soft and they look good!
Question!: Have you used this product before? If not, would you? If so, what do you
like the most about it?
Disclaimer: All opinions here are my own and are in no way affiliated with the companies listed above. I received a sample package from BzzAgent.com to test out, review and return my opinion, the nailpolish was a Christmas gift and is in no way associated with the product above or BzzAgent in anyway.


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