Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week of Nothing

So I promised to blog more, but it's been difficult. I truly am not sure what to blog about since there are quite a bit of blogs out there that pretty much cover everything from changing poopy diapers, to traveling NYC without a tour guide. So what in the world could I possibly blog that would get your attention and keep you coming back for more?

In the next couple of days I plan on getting a list together.. writing down things that I can attribute to this networked list of socializing blogs, something that people will see and say "Oh, that topic sounds interesting.. Click." Something like that, at least. It might not go exactly like that, but close enough, right? I also plan on changing the layout of the page. Buttons under the banner would be nice, so people can navigate a lot easier. Something even I don't mind checking out.. I plan on also collecting a few affiliates, and possibly trying to get into some blog groups or even jump on a voting blog thing. Yeah not the right name for it but I was close, right?

Next I may just have to do some activities, some crafty things with my daughter.. hopefully they turn out okay, and post some tutorials on here or just some all around fun things that we have done together and blog about it. So now that you know where my brain is kind of going, you'll know I'm kind of at a stand still but I am definitely trying to keep my blog going! I don't exactly have much to review, but if anyone has any suggestions I'm totally up for them, and I'm looking into reviewing some things and posting them on here!

I also am starting Organizational Management classes on the 6th of February, so I'm sure anything I learn and pull from my 2 years of quick college courses I will be placing here to make sure everyone gets the chance to learn just a little something. I don't mind sharing!

Again, if anyone has any comments I wouldn't mind reading them, honestly!! I know not alot of people read my blog, if any at all.. but it would be nice to hear something back, just to make me want to keep my blog alive somewhat!


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