Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Just to put myself on the safe side while I do reviews and post my opinion here on my blog, I'm just gonna write a disclaimer here.

Disclosure Statement:
This is a blog, credits are given to those when it is due. My blog contains views, opinions and reviews based on my own thoughts and either I was given a free sample or bought it myself to review it, the businesses, companies and products shown here and reviewed are in no way shape or form connected to my opinions posted on this blog. Blog content is dynamic, my opinions may change in the future, that is what a blog is for.

Disclosure Policy:
This is a review/personal blog where I will post my own opinion on whatever I see fit and whatever I feel is appropriate to post, again my opinions are my own. I am very willing to accept free products to review or any services anyone has to offer per my discretion. Currently I have no influence from any outside business or anything connected to any of the products or things I review/talk about on my blog, if I may have any influence I will be sure to post it as I see fit, but that is not something I am looking to do. I would like to have a non-biased opinion when I review things, to keep it fair to the people reading my blog for honest reviews on things they are interested in.


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