Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry After Christmas!

   Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! I barely touched the computer yesterday, just so I could spend time with my hubby and our little girl. We went to my mother's house in the morning after my little one opened all her presents from us at our house, then she opened gifts from my side of the family. After that we headed back home, put her down for a nap while I cooked the yummy ham and scalloped corn (The corn I will more than likely post the recipe on here. It's so super easy, toss together and bake.. and it's done!). My in-laws showed up around 3 pm and helped me finish up the rest of the food that needed to be fixed, then my dad and step-mom came over after that. It was a super crowded house, that's for sure! The dinner was amazing and it didn't take too long to clean up afterwards.. after opening gifts from everyone, my little girl got everything she wanted for Christmas (of course it was everything her parents wanted for her, for Christmas, since she really has no idea what she wants right now.. or does she?).

  It was a very busy day, but at the end I was very sad for it to be over. Other than it being incredibly exhausting, it was nice to have a lot of family in one home at the same time..

  Do you have any New Years resolutions? The only thing I have is to watch my daughter enjoy her 2nd year, and for my husband and I to purchase a home.

  Are you sad to see Christmas come and go so fast? I'm already planning for my daughter's birthday in May and for Christmas next year, hopefully it doesn't pile on top of us too fast!!


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