Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ye' Old Renaissance Festival

      To lose your muse is never a good thing. I promised I was going to post about a few things a couple days ago and my muse seems to have run off with all my ideas, and desire to even open up a web browser and start typing. Thankfully I found that silly little muse and stuffed it in a cage so it never can get out again (although it will.. eventually).. sadly, I found my muse at 10o'clock at night. Never good.

       Just to let everyone know, every photo posted here in this thread were taken by my husband and I, they weren't professional pictures from anywhere else or bought from anywhere else.. just taken from my husband's camera. Not even a professional camera but a nice one just the same.

       Almost every year we like to go to the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, and it's always fun no matter how many times we go. In fact, this past year we took my daughter.. who at the time was only about 3 months old. It was pretty typical of everyone to pass by and go 'awww', of course when you had the people wanting to touch and grab at her was when being a mother really turns to into an evil queen 'b'. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad actually. I just kindly said I needed to catch up with family and moved on my merry way. It was nice to get the attention, being an only mother and her being my first child of course, but it made me nervous all the same having complete strangers grabbing my baby's hands and trying to tickle her feet. I understand she's absolutely adorable and you wanna just cuddle her right up, but not a stranger's baby.




     Okay, ranting done! This past year in August we attended the Festival, this being possibly my 5th time being up there.. tickets are decently priced, not overbearing, just enough to have fun. The food however can be overly priced but decent enough to where you aren't breaking your bank, since they give you plenty of a heaping of food when you order something. The turkey legs are bigger than my head, and that's putting it lightly (haha).

      As you can see in the above pictures, the jousting tournament is pretty nifty to watch. Although it's not at all like it was way back in the days, but back then you could have been killed just passing by your opponent one time. These guys are just actors.. ahem.

   They also had a duck there. Yes. They did.

    Aww moment!! This is my little love bug with my sister. Super happy of course with her Auntie! She enjoyed the show just as much as all of us adults did. The fresh air was nice, it was warm and she was nice and cozy and very easy to carry if she decided the stroller wasn't good enough. Then that turned into something that held all of our stuff we either bought or decided we just didn't want to carry (I had half a mind to hop in it and let them push me around for a little bit, why not?)

    My little one with daddy in the above photo and then with me. Such a happy little one.. and I never really realized how incredibly happy she was as a little infant until now, and she still has a bubbly little personality!

     Of course, not to bombard the whole post with pictures of my daughter, but I just can't help it! Makes me wish she was little like that again, but I am SO enjoying the days of her being a toddler going on 20. Hehe. Again, above, my daughter and I and second photo is of my daughter and I with the Queen Elizabeth. Such a nice lady, and a wonderful actress who definitely played the part very, very well.

    There were many things to do, activities such as Gypsy tents.. you could purchase gowns and dress up clothing, or even rent it for the day. Leather wear, armor, all kinds of food you can shake a stick at.. and all through the village you had actors clamoring away at one another, acting out skits and possibly involving you. In fact.. I remember holding my daughter while eating and having a Duchess come right up to me asking to have someone beheaded. I of course knew it was a play but had no idea she would involve me with one of the freelance soldiers, asking me to speak to him since of course I said I had seen the wrong doings of this so called person who was supposed to be 'beheaded'.

     They went on their merry way when I refused to find the person.. so they went on to the person next to me and so on, until they could find a young group of teens willing to play in their skit. Holding a little one and eating while finding someone who was fiction wasn't really my idea of fun, but I amused them. It was nice to actually be involved in something when you know it was all fake.. it just made you want to live in the past that much more.

    So although I didn't have too many photos of the little Renaissance Village, I'm hoping to go again next year when my ltitle girl is 2 1/2 years old so she understands really what's going on. Of course I will blog about that when the time comes!  For now I'm about to head off and watch my show then crawl into my warm comfy bed. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow and time has flown by so fast. I'll be posting a thread on here when I get the chance before New Years about my year in 2012. Important things that happened, and not so important things that happened, as long as it doesn't bore you!

   Thank you for reading!


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