Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a thought.

So I've been thinking. I know I have alot of things to add to this blog, such as  buttons.. affiliates, all that yummy eye candy and clickable things. I've been very busy these past few days, but don't get me wrong.. that doesn't keep me from wanting to blog, at all! This is my first time owning a blog. I've hosted many websites for many different things, but over the years those things just fizzled over popularity, my decisions in life have changed drastically and now that I have a little girl it feels as though I have so many things to talk about. Sadly, I'm not entirely sure how to word everything on here.

All I know is, you don't have to worry about controversy on here as far as politics goes. I'm a very avid debater in public but online is not the place to have those conversations, especially not if this is to be a family oriented blog, so forgive me if this is what you have come here for. Secondly, I won't post anything non-family oriented. Things that might not be good for little eyes to see, that won't be here. My daughter might read this one day, and I don't want her reading things that just aren't good.

Thirdly, I'm looking for someone to kind of give me some ideas, some "rule of the road' kind of thing. If you are willing to, please email me.. I'm also looking to get to know some other stay at home moms, other women in the same boat as me that wouldn't mind letting another one into the 'group'.

So yeah, that's my blog for the day. I've kept a little notebook with things I plan on reviewing, other things I plan on talking about.. These are only a couple things I plan on plastering on my blog here in the next day or so..

   1.  Renaissance Festival
   2.  Taco Night!
   3.  The Birth of Izabella (Nothing graphic, promise!! Maybe alot of worded detail so be warned!)

I also plan on making the button so any one can snag it if you don't mind.. and like my blog, no matter how tiny and boring it might be. Hehe.

And last but not least.. I will not be talking about things that are all over the news. Nothing drastic. I don't mind reading them on other blogs, but I'm a very emotional person when it comes to things like that and I make sure people know my side of things and how I feel.. I kind of don't know how to stop ranting, so that I won't be spreading all over on here either.

Again, totally don't mind it on other sites, I just want this blog to be friendly to even my own daughter when she can read in the future.

Thanks so much for understanding.. Oh! And of course, any ideas on what I should blog about? Suggestions that YOU may be interested, coming from a stay at home mom living in a small town in New York? Comments always appreciated, thank you so much!



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