Friday, June 22, 2012

Two new Campaigns!

So I received yet another campaign from BzzAgent, and I'm totally excited to share the great news. Okay so I joined two campaigns, but the first one I actually received in the mail a couple days ago. And yes I did receive it for free along with lots of coupons to share as well!

BIC Soleil Savvy razors, amazing, and totally awesome razor blades at an affordable price.. and they're super cute too! They work amazing on the skin and haven't cut me once which is always a problem I find with the other razors I've used.. even expensive ones never work for me that well.. so I'm glad to have gotten the chance to participate in this campaign for the BIC razor blades. They are so worth it!!

Oh and the other great thing about being a BzzAgent and having a Keurig machine? You totally get to try out some of the products for free! Not only is that awesome, but it makes me wanna just go out and support Keurig by buying their products.. It's nice to be able to sample it before going and spending money on something you're not sure you'll like. So of course before I get it in the mail I might as well Bzz it all over my blog! It's the Brew Over Ice Campaign for Keurig.. and though I haven't gotten my free package in the mail yet, I can already taste it, it's driving me crazy waiting for it! Stay tuned!


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