Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garnier Fructis

Okay so, being a BzzAgent you totally get really cool things to try out, for free! As long as you tell other people about it, basically Bzz.. you're not trying to sell it, which makes things easier of course.. then you're in!

I just received my BzzKit for the Garnier Fructis campaign in the mail yesterday which included a regular sized bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner.. as well as some information on the product. I like the fact that Garnier is going greener with their bottles, that and the color is pretty. The scent is Argan Oil from Morocco and Apricot, so of course it has a citrus smell to it and it's really sweet smelling at the same time.

I tried it out about an hour ago and the shampoo automatically made my hair feel soft.. now let me explain, I don't really spend alot of money on shampoo and conditioner, since I never really thought it made a difference (Aside from that my husband also didn't think it made a difference, but he doesn't exactly have long hair like me.. ha ha.). Not only did I smell the apricot immediately, it felt as though my hair was already 'healing'. It's always been a naturally dry and frizzy kind of hair, so it's been a little hard to keep up with when it dries.. so I figured this product would work perfectly. It did. The conditioner went in second and when I finished and started brushing my hair I already felt a difference. Not only was it softer but I could also smell the fragrance. Even now, an hour later and it's still slowly drying I can smell the fragrance from the bottle, and the pieces that have dried aren't as frizzy and dry as they used to be.

It says to use the product for 3 weeks, so I'll definitely be doing that.. but I already can see a slight bit of a difference and that makes me a happy girl. :)


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