Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy Vegan Dinner with Morning Star Farms

             Morning Star Farms Burger Review

Happy? YOU BET I AM! I got the chance from BzzAgent.com to review the yummy Morning Star Farms Burgers, for free! I of course picked it up with the rest of my other groceries last night and rushed right home to fix them up for dinner. I also looked up Morning Star Farms online and grabbed the recipe for the associated burgers that I had picked up (for free!). I did however change it up just a little bit, but I will leave a link to the original recipe so you guys can easily snag it and enjoy according to their recipe. My change ups only included taking some of the ingredients out since the added ingredients I didn't exactly have. No big deal!

Morning Star Farms Open-Face Mushroom Swiss Burger
1 MorningStar Farms® Mushroom Lover's Burger
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
1 tbsp butter
8 oz fresh mushrooms, chopped
2 slices sandwich bread
1 slice swiss cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cook your burger on a George Forman to keep the grease out of it or cook it however you like. Sautee some onion and butter together until the onions are wilted and slightly opaque and sprinkle with some salt and pepper, then toss in your chopped mushrooms and saute them together until the onions are lightly caramelized. Pull your finished hamburger off of the pan or grill and top with the cheese quickly so it melts.

I used some mayonnaise on my burger, it's completely your preference! I only used a little on one side to give it a little flavor. Top with your hamburger and mixture of onions and mushrooms and you're all set to go!

This burger pops with flavor and it's super healthy (other than the mayo and butter of course) for you. It not only melts in your mouth but it makes you want to come back for so much more, which is nice about the MorningStar Farms burgers, they are super inexpensive, healthy for you and the box comes with four hamburgers, so stock up and eat up!


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