Friday, December 14, 2012

Breaking Dawn.. (Spoilers!)

Went and saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Wednesday with my husband's grandfather. Let's just say I was an avid reader of the books and although I'm kind of partial to the personalities in the books, I'm not too wild about Kristen Stewart playing the part.. especially not after the first movie. I won't spoil anything, but the last movie is probably the best one out of every one they put out there. I loved the way she portrayed Bella Swan, in fact, that was the perfect personality for the character all along.. but where was the fierce acting in the first couple movies? I guess she just had to develop the character over time.. which is sad. Oh, and Edward? Breaking Dawn Part 2 had the best portrayal of his character and his personality of all time. I understand he was going through a very troubling time resisting the urge to eat Bella alive in the first couple movies, but.. they really developed both of their characters in the very last movie. Must say, I'm very impressed with it!

So of course, I will review it.. briefly, since I'm prone to giving away details that others may not be happy about, so just a small warning.. SPOILER ALERT! For anyone who has never read the books, or have not gotten past the first few movies..

Bella looks like an amazing vampire, the make up of course was definitely well done, the make up on everyone in the movie was very well done. They weren't TOO pale like in the first couple movies, instead they were just right and it was very well put together this time around. I do understand it's difficult to have a baby act the way you want it to, such as the one in the movie.. but the one thing that bothered me just a little was the CG animation that they did with the baby's face. It was very good CG, don't get me wrong.. but it was so easy to tell and slightly annoying that it didn't fit in at all with the others in the movie. As the child grew older, fast of course, the CG got much better until she was fully grown towards the end of the movie. That was the only thing that looked half decent. Thankfully. Now the skipping around at first when Bella is improving her vampire skills was slightly irritating, moving from trying to arm wrestle, to breaking the huge log.. and then running off to step into the sunlight just to see her glittering skin.. it was a little too fast for me. They never truly developed and looked into her character enough as a vampire, especially when she took off after the hiker. It went from one thing to the next and never really flowed the way it should have.

Other than those minor things (Not at all minor to me, but it's what's in the details that counts!), this movie has out done the other ones and if someone were to watch any of the Twilight movies from the beginning.. it would be stupid to show them this one first, but it would probably make them want to watch all of the movies from the beginning. This movie developed the characters more so than any of the other movies, and the actors portrayed their personalities the way they should have in this one.. so yes, I'm very impressed. VERY impressed.

So in turn I have a question for you guys, who is your favorite character out of this movie.. that has developed their character the most? And, what about the movie did you like/dislike? Feel free to write a story, I don't mind. I love responses!


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