Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Children's Advil

Infant's Advil

   A while ago I received a container of Children's Advil to review for my daughter, thanks to Smiley 360. At the time my daughter had been teething awful, at 20 months old (and she still is 20 months old). Of course I have used other products as well and have only used Advil once when her Pediatrician had given me a sample just so I had something to use, since I could not get to the store in time to pick some up.

  I like Children's Advil, it definitely helped my daughter and her teething, and it was pretty quick to kick into her system to help with the aches and pains that she was dealing with. The smell of the liquid isn't too bad and I tasted it myself just to see what my daughter was tasting, it was not bad. In fact, she liked it which made it pretty easy to give it to her. If I had to I would have no problem using it again, of course! I don't have a bottle available to me now but I'm sure if in the future my daughter is close to the end of her teething cycle, but does teeth again or experiences any aches and pains including fevers, Advil will more than likely be a product that I will pick up.

  Of course, if you do purchase it, make sure you speak to your child's Pediatrician as I have no idea if the dosage is different from the other medicine you give your child. I did call my daughter's Pediatrician just to double check before I gave her any, as I always do if I switch a medicine. I also verify everything on the package of the medicine container as far as the hours between dosing goes and symptoms, with my daughter's nurse and/or Pediatrician. Always double check. Take precautions with your little ones, medicine can be scary and can easily be over-dosed!

  For more information please go to Infant/Children's Advil.

Disclosure: I received compensation/free product for this review. My statements/review is in no connection to Smiley 360 or the company or in link to anyone else. Although I did receive a free product that did not sway my thoughts or opinions on the product itself, all of my statements are true to my beliefs. 


Amberr said...

I love children's Advil (oral suspension)--especially for fevers. My daughter has had one for the past two days, and it really brings her relief.

Heather Swarthout said...

That's awesome! I love the advil, it's helped my daughter out whenever I give it to her. Thankfully she's not teething now other wise I would give some to her.

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