Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Beginnings

Well, Hi there!
   So this is my first time with a blog.. so be gentle with me. The real reason why I created one is because I became a BzzAgent and I figured I might as well start a blog about my life. It's not like it's all that interesting but in order to have a real home for all my BzzCampaigns it might be a good idea for me to have a blog, right? Right.

  I'll start off by introducing myself.. my name is Heather, I am a 26 year old female (of course). I will have been married for 3 years this February 14th to my best friend. We had a daughter back in May of 2011 and she is only 8 1/2 months old as of right now. Yesterday was a little rough though since she came down with her first cold on thursday and along with her teething she had a really high temperature. It went down after constant feeding of fluids and medicine and letting her sleep.. she's back to her spunky little self and is enjoying herself even more today, since she couldn't exactly play yesterday or much the day before. She is definitely my pride and joy, you'll most likely see and hear more about her in my blog as I continue posting stuff.

  I currently live in New York, and yes it is blistering cold outside which is why I'm glad I'm in my home enjoying the warmth and my daughter. Pretty soon, come February 9th I will be starting College classes through Keuka College.. and I can't wait! It will be in Criminal Justice as I am looking for a court job or something along the lines of the law.. it's a rough ASAP course that lasts 2 years and by then I will have my Bachelor's and a house of our own.. which would be nice, but things never really happen the way you plan them, you know?

  I won't keep rambling, although isn't that technically what a blog is for? Another thing to look out for are my candles, and updates on the business I run with my mother and sister. It's called MLH Gift Baskets, good for any season and any occasion! I'm the candle-maker in the business, my sister designs the gift baskets and my mother is the handy knitter.. she can knit anything, which is where the washcloths and whatnot come from in the baskets. You can also choose what you want in them. A website will be coming soon enough, I have to find time to make it before my classes start next week.

  Never knew how busy I was until I created a blog.. wow.

  For now just enjoy my ramblings..

- Heather


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